Five ways to Boost Mental Well-being at Work

If you’re a business owner or manager, there’s a lot you can do to support your staff to maintain positive mental health and in turn, keep your business profitable.

Studies say ‘happy employees are more likely to be productive employees’ (Kaplanet al., 2009) and ‘employees who believe their employers care about their wellbeing have been shown to be more engaged at work than others.” (Rhodes, L. et al., 2002).

Here are some ideas on how you can boost mental well-being in your workplace:

1. Pick up the perks

Offer regular health benefits to staff such as monthly massages, gym memberships or counselling sessions. Remember, you’ll need to pay fringe benefit tax on any non-cash benefits to staff unless it meets one of the exemptions such as being provided on site or falling under the $300 per employee/per quarter exemption. If you’d like more information on FBT, give us a call.

2. Staff still working from home?

Make sure to check in on their personal situation, not just their KPIs – isolation is still a real issue for many.

3. Spread the word about 1737

Let your team know about the free, professional counselling that’s available 24/7 by calling or texting 1737.

4. Lead by example

If you’re the boss, remaining calm and demonstrating understanding, empathy and compassion to your staff will work wonders.

5. Write a policy

Looking after your staff, no matter what they’re going through, is really important. Put together a mental health and wellbeing policy that outlines how you will support employees who experience mental health challenges, and outline that they will always be treated fairly.

For tips on how to put a policy together, read the Working Well Guide at