New Year Computer Detox


By the end of the year most computers are feeling the effects of over-indulging. Perhaps not on Christmas wine and chocolate but as the result of viruses, document hoarding and other accumulative hangovers. Detox your computer to get it working faster, safer and more efficiently.

  • Clean it. Literally. You’ll be amazed what appears when you tip that keyboard upside down (only use anti-static wipes or a soft brush. NOT water!)
  • Remove clutter, delete unwanted documents off the desktop and tidy up your folder structure
  • Remove any programs that are no longer required
  • Empty your recycle bin!
  • Check that all necessary updates have been installed
  • Update your security passwords!
  • Double check your antivirus protection is up to date
  • Make sure your firewall is active
  • Perform a virus scan – check out Spybot Search & Destroy
  • Perform a disk cleanup and disk defragmentation
    (set this to run overnight as it may take several hours)
  • Perform routine backups of all files and settings
  • Archive files offsite

Computer systems vary. If you use an external IT provider to manage your computer requirements then liaise with them as to what they have planned and what you can carry out yourself. And remember… your computer needs a rest too – make sure to shut down and turn off before you leave the office!