About Us

Accountants with Heart.

At Epplett & Co we have a culture of service and professionalism founded on trusting and caring relationships with our clients, and each other.

Preston Epplett & Co Ltd was founded in 2002 by very experienced Hawke’s Bay Accountant, Preston Epplett. The name was changed to Epplett & Co. in 2011 and many clients have been with Preston for over 30 years.

Although steeped in history, Epplett and Co is committed to being agile, remaining relevant and at the forefront of technology.

Our Values.

At Epplett & Co our values – the definition of who we are and what we stand for – influence the way we work with each other, the way we serve our clients and engage with our community. Our values are at the heart of everything we do and guide our behaviour and actions.


  • We care about our clients’ businesses and their lives
  • We go the extra mile
  • We educate, empower and grow our clients and each other
  • We value and appreciate our clients and each other

Ethical and Professional

  • We respect and abide by our profession’s ethical standards
  • We are independent, confidential, and display the highest integrity in all we do
  • Everything we do for our clients is of the highest standard
  • We do what we say we will, we see things through

Relationship and Trust

  • We develop close and trusting relationships with our clients
  • We are happy in our work and friendly and positive towards each other
  • Our clients can confide in us
  • We are our clients’ first port of call for advice and support


  • We are effective and efficient in everything we do
  • Our processes and technology are leading edge
  • We are highly skilled and trained

Open, honest and respectful

  • We share what’s on our minds openly and supportively, without fear
  • We value feedback
  • We have no hidden agendas
  • We are respectful of each other and our environment
  • We take responsibility for our behaviour

We have a passionate team with a reputation for always providing prompt, friendly, personalised and professional service.