Honest and Effective Tax Advice

Tax is often a challenging field for many people. At Epplett & Co., we’ve structured our services to focus on helping you minimise your tax commitments, as well as staying tax compliant.

How We can Help

As tax specialists, we can:

  • Help you pick the most favorable tax structure for your business and review your tax structure as your business grows
  • Complete tax planning by reviewing your projected taxable income at regular intervals during the year, ensure that you pay the correct amount of tax and mitigate the risk of any unexpected taxation liabilities

Specialist Services

Epplett & Co Accounting provides specialised tax advice across a broad range of tax areas including:

  • Tax effective business structures
  • Tax compliance – GST, FBT, PAYE withholding tax and other tax compliance obligations
  • Foreign investment regime
  • Inland Revenue debt management
  • Inland Revenue dispute management
  • Inland Revenue Audit management
  • Tax planning
  • General Tax advice
  • Taxation implications of re-structures


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