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The Business Continuity Plan Review - 90 Minute Session

These are unprecedented times for businesses and their people.

We want to provide you with logical advice to help you minimise the impact of this global pandemic on your business.

Identify the actions you need to take NOW to prepare for the impact of COVID-19 on your business.

We understand that many business owners will want to develop their own plan in these unprecedented times.  The Business Continuity Plan review allows business owners to use our guide and templates to create their draft Business Continuity Plan and then meet with us online for 90-minutes to review and finalise it.  The review service ensures clients are provided with accurate and logical advice to help minimise the impact the COVID-19 pandemic on their business.

A Business Continuity Plan Review provides accountability and support to identify the actions to take to prepare for the impact of COVID-19; to maximise entitlements to Government and other support and minimise the downstream impact of a downturn in business.

The approach to develop the plan is collaborative and involves pre-work, supplying a plan template and guide for the client to prepare their first draft plan and then a 90-minute online meeting to finalise the plan in order to begin implementing it.  The service is designed for business owners to ensure they build resilience, preserve profitability, cashflow and employment for their team and survive through this difficult time.

Creating a Business Continuity Plan will give you: 

  • Help with building resilience in your team and family at this time
  • Access support during these unprecedented times
  • An outline of the things you should consider now to minimise the impact on your business
  • An understanding of how to maximise opportunities to preserve your cashflow and profitability
  • Peace of mind that you are receiving all the government assistance you’re entitled to
  • Clarity on the assistance your business should obtain from your bank, financiers, suppliers and the tax department
  • A roadmap for dealing with employment issues
  • Clarify on a process for looking after your customers and preserving income from them
  • The opportunity to explore all options to pivot your business strategy in these challenging times
  • In the worst-case scenario, certainty about whether your business can continue
  • A plan to preserve the value of your assets and your wealth as much as possible
  • Access to best practise, combining your expertise with ours
  • Reassurance that you’ve done all you can to minimise the impact COVID-19 will have on your business, your family and your team

We will provide you with the plan template, guide and questions to work through prior to our 90-minute online meeting to finalise your plan.

This coaching is registered with the Management Capability Development Voucher Fund. Find out more by visiting These sessions may qualify for funding assistance through the Regional Business Partner Network. Click here for information on how to apply.
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